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The A132WCTP Kasiweigh Weight Controller  when combined with the A169LDBCD  Load Cell Digitizer can form an independent and self-contained single ingredient or multi-ingredient weighing system.

The A1321WCTP Weight Controllers provide the ability to adjust the system to the desired weight by means of preset switches which produce the output signals for controlling the filling of a vessel.

The A132WCTP controllers utilize the signal from the A169LD/BCD Digitizer by means of a multi-conductor ribbon cable. The unit operates under either LBS or KGS, Gross or Net Modes, and negative weighing. Power requirements are 120VAC 50-60Hz. Unit provides for free fall timer.

The A132WCTP has a LCD display to indicate the set weight, and LED indicators to show "At Weight", "Zero Detected", "Batch At Weight" and "Out of Tolerance".

The A132WCMI is a multi-ingredient  weight controller and can control up to 4 separate ingredients. The unit automatically advances to the next ingredient each time.