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The A135PT Position Transmitter is used to detect and measure linear position and displacement,  primarily of slide gates with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. TheA135PT can be mounted in any position with the cable attached to the moving gate and the housing attached to a fixed surface.

An internal spring maintains constant tension on the cable for retracting it onto the pulley and the shaft is normally coupled to a three (3) turn potentiometer.

The A135PT provides a voltage, usually 0 to 5 volts DC, proportional to the linear extension of the cable for display purposes and /or input to a controller such as the A153C,  A158GC, programmable controllers and process computers.  The unit has provisions to utilize different terminal connections to provide either 0-5 volt or 5-0 volt DC  signal upon extension or retraction of the cable connecting to the gate.

Two options are available as shown below. Option "A" is the most common with a 5K ohm potentiometer and a 1K ohm current limiting series resistor. Option "B" has a 1K ohm potentiometer and a 2K ohm span adjustment potentiometer. Both units have a linearity of .25%.

The A135PT housing is explosion proof and dust tight for Class 1, Group D, Class II, Groups E, F, and G; NEMA 7 and 9.

The A135PT is available in 3 models, based on the pulley diameter and maximum travel:

                     A135PT - 2.5" for up to 23" travel
                     A135PT - 3.5" for up to 32" travel
                     A135PT - 4.5" for up to 42" travel
                     Option "A" or "B" should be specified for each unit.