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The A136PT Position Transmitter is used to detect and measure linear position and displacement, primarily of slide gates with a high degree of accuracy any repeatability. The A136PT can be mounted in any position with the cable attached to the gate and the housing mounted to a fixed surface.

An internal spring maintains constant tension on the cable for retracting it onto the pulley. The shaft is coupled to a three (3) turn potentiometer and thru a 3:1 gear drive, to two easily set screwdriver adjustable cam operated SPDT limit switches. These limit switches can be set to control the travel of the gate or for indicating the set limit has been reached.

The A136PT provides a voltage, usually 0 to 5 volts DC proportional to the linear extension of the cable for display purposes and/or input to a controller such as the A153C, A158GC, programmable controller and/or process computers.  The unit has provisions for different terminal connections to provide outputs of 0 to 5 volts DC or 5 to 0 volts DC for extensions or retractions of the cable to suite your situation.

The potentiometer resistance value is 5000 ohms with a linearity of .25%. Two limit switches are rated at 5 amp, 250 VAC. The housing is explosion proof and dust tight for Class I, Group C and D; Class II, Groups E, F, and G; NEMA 7 and 9.

The A136PT is available in 3 models, based on the pulley diameter and maximum travel:

                     A136PT - 2.5"  for up to 23" travel
                     A136PT - 3.5"  for up to 32" travel
                     A136PT - 4.5"  for up to 42" travel