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The A153c is a linear indicating-controller consisting primarily of a 0 to 100% indicating meter, 3 position spring return to center switch, calibration potentiometers and screw type terminal board.  It is designed for controlling a slide gate or similar device either locally or remotely

The A153C is available for horizontal or vertical panel mounting and with either a single-pole-double-throw contact switch or a two-pole-single-throw switch (see typical wiring charts). The A153Coperates as a constant monitoring device since the indicating meter is on even if the switch is in the center (off) position.

The indicating meter circuitry requires 5 volt DC and a 0 to 5 volt DC feedback signal proportional to gate position. The feedback may be from one of ASI's position transmitters such as the A135PT, A136PT, actuator with feedback potentiometer or equivalent.

The control switch is rated 7 amps inductive, 15 amps resistive at 120 volt AC.  The A153C is available less the control switch for use as an indicating device only.

The maximum input signal range from transmitter or similar source is 0 to 5 volt DC.  The minimum signal is 2 volt DC differential for 0 to 100% calibration with "zero" as high as 3 volt DC.

                                        MODEL        MOUNTING       SWITCH
A153C-1H             Horizontal           No Switch
                                     A153C-1V            Vertical                No Switch
                                     A153C-2H             Horizontal              SPDT
                                     A153C-2V              Vertical                 SPDT
                                     A153C-3H              Horizontal             DPDT
                                     A153C-3V              Vertical                 DPDT