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The A156LJ load cell junction box provides a means of easily terminating the various wire leads from the load cells and by means of the internal  printed circuit board, interconnecting the various load cell signals to the instrument cable.  It also facilitates troubleshooting by making all the terminations readily accessible.

One load cell junction box is required per scale or weighing device with up to 4 load cells.  The A156LJ enclosure should be located in such a way that all load cell cables can reach it without splicing the cables.

The A156LJ enclosure is fabricated of 14 gauge steel with all seams continuously welded and ground smooth,  The cover has a solid neoprene gasket attached with oil resistant adhesive with stainless steel screws clamps on three sides of the cover to assure a watertight seal.  External mounting feet are provided.

The standard finish is ANSI 61 gray polyester power coating inside and out over phosphate coated surfaces.  The enclosure is constructed to NEMA 4 (watertight), NEMA 12 and 13 specifications with optional galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum or epoxy coated construction. NEMA 7 and/or NEMA 9 are also available.

Customarily, the instrument cable utilizes the single connector on the side of the box while the load cells (up to four) utilize the two pairs of connectors.  Each connector consists of a removable gland nut, gland washer and neoprene bushing, which can accomodate a cable with a diameter of .125" to .187".

To install cables please follow the instructions:

1.   Slide gland nut, gland washer and bushing over cable in that order.

2.   Install cable thru connector body into box far enough to allow for the necessary wiring connections.

3   Install bushing in connector body, push gland washer against bushing, attach gland nut to connector
     body and tighten securely to cause bushing to grip cable firmly so a liquid tight seal is formed.

4.   Tighten unused cable connectors to prevent anything from entering the box.