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The LS100 and LZ100 are simple and economical tools to aid in the calibration and troubleshooting of ASI's A169LD Kasiweigh  by connecting them directly (plug-in) into the back of the A169LD.  The LS100 and LZ100 can also be used with our older model A124D by removing the terminal connector and other company's load cell digitizers by carefully matching the signal wires.

The LS100 comes with a high linearity, continuously adjustable 10 turn potentiometer which allows upscale and downscale simulation of the load cell(s) for ease of verifying proper operation and /or isolating problems which could be external to the instruments.  An A1696LD Kasiweigh can repetitively run "batches of product" without actually conveying and discharging such products by using the LS100 Load Cell Simulator. 

The LS100 is configured as a 2mv/v device with minimum dead load offset and 100 ppm/'C temperature coefficient resistors.

The LZ100 Zero Simulator is used to simulate the absolute dead load offset or best zero analog input of a load cell configured at 350 ohm and 100ppm/'C temperature coefficient.

The LZ100 will check the long term stability of a load cell digitizer by leaving it connected for several minutes to one hour or longer.

Power for the LS100 and LZ100 is supplied by the load cell digitizer and as such, there is no need for batteries or external power source.